How You Can Help

We need your help! We are always in need of volunteers and supplies.




  • Transport volunteers

    Transport of animals from Alachua County Animal Services to either the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine in Gainesville, FL or to our kennel facility in Micanopy, FL

  • Adopt-a-thon Set Up Volunteers

    Set up of crates and adoption area at Petsmart. This generally takes place every Friday morning/early afternoon. Must be reliable volunteers!

  • Adopt-a-thon Break Down Volunteers

    Break down of crates and clean up of adoption area at Petsmart. This happens either Saturday at 7pm or Sunday at 4:30pm.

  • Dog Washing Volunteers

    Washing of dogs prior to adoption events. Generally takes place on Friday afternoon/evening. Volunteer must be willing to get dirty...and capable of handling both large and small dogs!

  • Dog Walking volunteers

    Walking of dogs during adoption events. Saturdays and Sundays at Petsmart during adoption hours. Mostly needed mid-day (3-4pm on Saturdays and 1-2pm on Sundays).

  • Data Input Volunteers

    Input of previous animal/adoption information into spreadsheets. The data goes back to there is a LOT of work to do.

  • Adoption Call Back volunteers

    Will be responsible for calling to check on previously adopted animals. We generally like to do a call back about a month after adoption to see how the pet is doing. Volunteer must have general knowledge of cat/dog behavior.




  • Fleece

    Pieces of fleece are used in cages at adoption events. We prefer patterned pieces, but brightly colored solid pieces will work as well.

  • Towels

    New or used towels to be used in transport cages and to dry dogs after baths.

  • Cat Litter

    Any kind of litter to be used for cats/kittens in our rescue.

  • Dog Food (please read the brand carefully)

    • Science Diet Adult (Original or Small bites) - dry
    • Science Diet Puppy (Original or Small bites) - dry
    • Purina Pro Plan Puppy - dry
    • Purina Pro Plan Performance - dry
  • Cat Food (please read the brand carefully)

    • Royal Canin BabyCat - dry (great for weaning kittens!)
    • Royal Canin Kitten - dry
    • Purina Pro Plan Kitten or Adult (Chicken and Rice) - dry
  • Crates

    Collapsable wires crates of any size to house animals during adoption clinics.

  • Pet Taxis

    Plastic pet taxis of any size to transport rescue animals.