Frequently Asked Questions

What is the adoption fee for a cat or dog?

Our standard adoption fee for dogs is $125. This can range as high as $250 depending on the particular dog and any medical treatments/surgeries that it may have required while in our rescue. Our standard adoption fee for cats is $75. We have started a new program for the "long term residents" in our rescue. In most cases, any cat or dog that we have had for over 3 months will have a lowered adoption fee. The "long term resident" fee will be $50 for dogs and $35 for cats.



Why is HHR slow to respond to me?

Helping Hands Rescue is an all-volunteer organization whose members all have full-time jobs. It may take some time to get back to everyone concerning adoption applications and questions. Please be assured we are doing our best and working as fast as we can. If we do not return your phone call or email within 24 hours, please either call or email us again. Thank you!



How do I return a pet?

You will need to either call (352-281-4358) or email us. We will arrange a time to meet to get the pet as soon as possible. We will expect you to provide copies of all medical records as well as a short description of the pet's personality and habits so that we will be able to place him/her in an appropriate new home. This includes letting us know if the animal is housebroken, good with other cats/dogs, children, has any current or previous medical conditions, etc.



Am I eligible for an adoption fee refund?

There is a week trial period for all adoptions. During this week, an animal can be returned and a refund issued. Refund amounts vary based on the animal's adoption fee, but generally the refund will be $10 less than the amount paid at the time of adoption. The week trial period includes the day of adoption. For example, if you adopted a pet on a Saturday, you will need to let us know by the following Friday if you are going to return it. We will not issue a refund if you adopt a pet on Saturday and wait to contact us until the following Saturday. We will, however, always take the animal back into our program if you are no longer able to properly care for him/her.